Our Purpose

At TriData Staffing, we take a triangulated approach that puts the client’s best interest at the center of every decision we make. Companies developing their workforce or professionals developing their careers can trust that our three-point approach will help them to achieve their goals.

Over the past twenty years of working within Staffing and Human Resources a singular theme developed for our team; our greatest joy came from improving the working lives of others. Whether it was a pay increase, a promotion, a career change, or additional flexibility for professionals, helping improve the careers of others is our purpose. We created TriData Staffing with the small and simple goal of helping one thousand people improve their lives. Please, join us on our journey, because we only succeed when you succeed.

Our Leadership

Laurence Wilson

Laurence Wilson

Laurence Wilson is the founder and President of TriData Staffing. Before launching Tridata Staffing in February 2020 Laurence spent nearly two decades in the recruiting industry. Laurence began his career in 2001 as an agency recruiter in New York City supporting New York’s Investment Banking Industry. In 2010 Laurence moved to Cincinnati Ohio and transitioned from agency to corporate recruiting. As a corporate recruiter, Laurence worked in the tech industry where he built networks across multiple functions including Data Science, Software Development, Engineering, and Marketing. Laurence is a husband and father of two. He is an active member of his community as a volunteer, mentor, and coach.

Who We Serve

Corporate Clients

Over the past twenty years, our extensive experience in both corporate and agency environments has allowed us to develop a unique three-point approach. The core of our services focuses on our clients' Desired Skillsets, Strategic Goals, and Corporate Culture. Our clients feel confident knowing we expeditiously move with the speed of a recruiting agency while simultaneously providing a corporate recruiting experience based on our three-point approach to staffing.

Job Seekers

At TriData Staffing, our primary objective is to build and foster relationships designed to elevate your career. We collaborate to identify your goals and layer in our three-point plan. Ultimately connecting you with a company that meets your desires for Professional Development, Quality of Life, and Total Rewards. From entry-level to CEO, we want to be with you every step of the way.